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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  February 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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not order an evacuation. india, a body was found in the rubble. the victim has not been formally identified. it does appear it was that of a woman who worked at the restaurant. 15 people were injured. >> we have another hour of news for you, and all starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning, washington" on your side. >> this morning we are following breaking news id glenarden maryland. -- in glenarden maryland. three people found dead in a house fire. take a temperatures are called out there. good morning, washington. -- >> temperatures are cold out there. >> want to go straight to the
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breaking news we are following. >> rebel news out of this one. three people have died including two children. john gonzales is on the scene with the very latest. >> we're learning more about the victim'ss. three children were taken out in critical condition. we're told at this hour that two of the children have died at the hospital. there was also an adult that was in very critical condition. that adult has also died. there is an overall load right now with the firefighters that are out here. 30 firefighters inside and around the home making sure they have knocked down all of hotspots. fire marshals are moving in as the investigation begins. six people were taken out of the home. two people got out through the window. we captured video of the folks being transported in treated
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here at the scene. again, four of the six in very critical condition. at this hour we're told two children and one adult have died. we have with us now the fire chief. how serious of a fire is this and what are the conditions of other people pulled out of the home? >> firefighters were called andin at 4:02 this morning. the mother and eight-year-old were able to jump out the window. the eight-year-old we believe to be a twin. 5, 8, and 10-year-old killed, and an adult male transported with paramedics. >> the condition of the adult and child that made it out of the window, therefore to be ok? taken on the life-threatening injuries. they were stable when they were
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on the scene. >> smoke still coming out of the front windows and door. the investigation now begins as to exactly how this happened and where this fire started. reporting live in glenarden. >> turning out to another fire. firefighters in montgomery county battling at this hour a two-alarm fire in rockville. you are looking at live pictures. amazingly no injuries reported. we do not know if anyone was inside the building when it started. the fire started at 4:45 a.m. this is a picture of the fire chief posted. this is at the karma academy for boys. that fire has been pretty devastating to the building. >> much more on both of these
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fires throughout the morning. in the meantime, checking in with the forecast for today. it is a cold one out there. >> we are not speculating on any of the causes of the fire, but it does bring to mind that a lot of us use things like space heaters, including myself, which are fire hazards. use caution this morning. 26 degrees is the temperature. wind chill is that 18. sunrise at 6:53. the windchill factor in the low teens to upper single digits. our express forecast, we will warm up to around 40 this afternoon, but it will be a great looking day despite the breeze and chilly conditions. sleet possible tomorrow. more on that in a few minutes.
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how is traffic this morning? >> crossing the 14th street bridge with no problems. crossing the 11th street bridge crews have a crash coming off the north on 295. one lane blocked. back to you. >> a three-year-old child is dead, two-year-old sister and dad injured at a tragic accident in an apartment complex. for unknown reasons a white cadillac was left running and started rolling backwards. the father was holding his daughter outside of the car. the boy and grandmother were inside of the car. police say the father drop the girl to hop in the car and try to stop it. his son fell out and the car hit the boy. he later died at the hospital. >> police issue is it the alert after young girls were approached by strangers on two
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separate occasions. last friday a man approached a group of young girls and made inappropriate comments. on tuesday police say a man drove up to a 13-year-old girl in french shipwrights and started asking her questions. police do not know at this point it those cases might be linked. investigators are trying to determine what caused a train to derail in northwest maryland. a train headed to north carolina somehow jumped the tracks early this morning. two cars were carrying sulfuric acid. they did not find a leak. no injuries at this point. >> you can begin entering the lottery to one of the most popular events, the white house easter egg roll. the lottery starts at 10:00 this morning and ends at 10:00 on monday morning. the tickets are free.
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lottery winners will be notified on march 1. there is a link on our web site 25 degrees outside. still ahead, another update on the fire in glenarden. >> a winter storm that is blanketing the outdoors, or in.
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>> 6:10 of this thursday morning. a live look at the capitol. clear skies so far this morning. cold. >> very cold. is it going to warm up? >> no, not much.
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overall this week much cooler, but much closer to where we should be for february. it feels harsher since we of been spoiled with the warmer weather. 23 in dc. the wind chill factors are in the teens. dress appropriately if you are going to spend any time outdoors. a couple of clouds lingering, but overall skies will be clear. plenty of sunshine, and a beautiful travel day up and down the east coast. not so much in the middle section of the country. very heavy snow across parts of the plains. we have a video to show you in wichita, kansas. record snowfall yesterday. it is still coming down. they could get a good foot or more in central kansas. >>cool conditions.
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the bus stop forecast, 28 degrees at pick up. expect the temperature near 42 degrees. feeling like 30's. bundle the kids up here yet heavier, today. checking on traffic this morning. >> virginians are really quiet. no heavy delays. as you work up towards the beltway, it looks like we may have some flashing lights on this camera. secondly in from the left. 395 your lanes are open. -- second lande from teh left. he left. >> thank you. much more still to come. the fda is warning that using a post-operative pain relief for children. >> and american tire company of
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sets the french, who even
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>> look at this. a powerful winter storm sweeping the midwest already being blamed for one road death. 20 states are now under a winter watches and warnings. up to a foot of snow expected in several areas. across several states freezing rain and sleet making driving conditions treacherous. officials feared this could be the worst winter storm to hit the midwest in about two years. live pictures from wichita kansas. the snow coming down quickly.
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>> this makes it very difficult for us to complain what we're dealing with. i can handle the codeld here to that. >> one thehere. >> one good snow. >> at this point, i am wondering is it getting too late? >> the chances are getting reduced, we will say that. still plenty of winter left. sometimes we get the worst winter storms in march. a lot of times you get heavier snow falls when temperatures are closer to 32 degrees. 26 degrees is where we are at now. wind chill at 18. average high getting warmer. we have about three extra minutes of daylight. three extra minutes of sun.
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i love the sun. windchill will be a big factor. even though it does say 20's on the map, for the most part low to mid-20s. wind chill is down into the teens. it feels like 18 ntc -- in d.c. here are the numbers. only an inch and a half at reagan national. we are more than 11 inches down. put that into perspective. we should be having a foot of snow by this time. skies are generally clear. a little bit of scattered cloudiness. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. here is the big winter storm hitting kansas and nebraska. this will take its time, but it will get to west. by tonight the clouds will be on the increase. there you can see the winter storm warnings. clouds will push on it, and that a chance of wintry mix or sweet
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-- sleet tomorrow afternoon. more rain on saturday. forecast for today, mostly sunny and breezy. tonight clouds will start to move in with temperatures in the 20's. more details on tomorrow storm. >> i am cold, but it is fitting. i want to give a shout out to the minnesota state society. it was my sixth year in a row as the emcee. i want to show you a picture of this event yesterday. we had the crew of the new u.s.s. minnesota. the president of the minnesota state society. always a fine dinner. i am stuck to the gills. it is cold. 23 degrees right now. a quick look ahead.
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the next seven days. we warm up by the weekend and into early next week. at that point closer to 50 degrees. until then, it will remain cold and blustery. tomorrow i think we will see a little bit of the sleet. areas of rain into saturday. a pretty good day on sunday. at that point warmer in year 50. >> this is just developing in virginia. we saw a police car arrived at the scene of the crash. northbound 95 as you head through the beltway. fire and rescue coming to the scene of the crash. northbound 95 prior to the beltway. delays out of woodbridge are ready. we will keep a close watch on this for you. -- delays out of woodbridge already. >> thank you. boeing thinks that has the fix for the reminder batteries.
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an american ceo has upset the french. -- for the dreamliner batteries. >> a new study on the long-term impact of childhood bullying. it answers the question of how long the effect of leaguer. >> a first of its kind. look at this. why it was hailing indoors. >> is facebook security to strike? picot a social media site will not let a woman list her real age. -- >> a social media site will not let a woman lists her real age. >> boeing says it has a solution. they believe they can prevent the lithium ion batteries from failing. it will present a plan to the faa tomorrow. top federal reserve officials are split over whether to continue supporting low interest rates. a majority in the government want to keep buying out bonds
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until the apply rates go lower. used crar sales are plummeting. now, three-five years later there are not as many used cars from that time. the french are upset with an american executive who criticize the work ethic. french workers get paid higher wages but only work three hours per day. he said buying a factory there would be "stupid." that is america's money.
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>> 7 on your side this morning. the fda warning that children using code been a serious risk
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of adverse reactions, even death. -- using codene could face a serious risk of adverse reactions, even death. a life-threatening case of respiratory depression. three children killed did have underlying breathing problems. also, a 12-year-old cancer patient will undergo surgery today after she caught fire while in a hospital bed. in oregon and a combination of static electricity he had sanitizer and olive oil spurred the gas fire. it was being used to remove electrodes from the girl's body. she has second and third degree burns to 18 percent of her body. >> children who are bald we tend to deal with the effects of the bowling for a long time. researchers say children will lead as kids are often less mentally healthy. a new study shows depression,
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suicidal thoughts and other issues wreak havoc on their adult lives. this is one of the first major studies on the long-term effects of bullying. >> michelle obama launching a three-state tour to launch her anti-obesity tiled a program. >> will highlight the king school lunches healthier in getting companies to make help your food more available. she will announce new steps for bringing physical activity back to schools. >> we still have another half hour of "good morning, washington." >> coming up, the latest on the deadly fire in maryland. tragic situation. two children are dead, one adult bed after
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>> live an dind in hd this is
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"good morning, washington." >> a family home goes up in flames. we are live with the latest on the tragic fire that claimed the lives of two children and adults. to gsee >> crustacean nearing the one weak mark. -- sequestration nearing the one weak mark. we will take a look at the impact on the economy. >> morning, washington. it is thursday, february 21. >> how come i never see money running of the street like that? it is cold. take up 20 minutes away from official sunrise tide. -- >> 20 minutes away from the official sunrise today. 18 at reagan national. windchill factors in the teens for everyone.
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28 degrees at pick up time. 42 degrees when the kids get home. if you want to know how to address them today, we have some advice. how about a sweater. it is time for traffic now. good morning. take the we are extremely busy. maryland and virginia. this is 29 columbia pike. if you use 29, this is just coming up to check out delays. accident activity in the intersection. we will pay down to see what is happening. again, 29. we are tracking delays before you get to carolyn road. we are absolutely jammed. northbound 95 approaching the beltway with the crash along the left side. back to you. >> vdot thank you.
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we want to go to the breaking news in glenarden. -- thank you. >> a tragic situation. a house fire has led to some deaths. >> this is a tremendously tragic situation here. this is lesley avenue, at the scene of the deadly fire inside this ranch-style single-family home. as many as 30 firefighters helped to put out the fire, and many are still at the scene. they are in what is being called overall load making sure they have put out all of the hot spots. we can tell you there are three fatalities after this fire. an eight-year-old an adult female calf escaped through a window during the fire. we captured video of them being transported by firefighters and paramedics. they are expected to survive. four other people were removed from the home in cardiac arrest.
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firefighters rushed them out of here. we can tell you at this hour an adult male and three children, all females were in very critical condition. the adult male and two of the children have died at the hospital. the cause is still unknown. the fire started shortly after 4:00 this morning. we talked to the fire chief just moments ago. he told us it will be some time before they know exactly what happened. it is making things more difficult to the firefighters -- for the firefighters, so much water was used to put out the fire. you can see that the road became very frozen. now they have treated it. one firefighter received minor injuries after slipping and falling on the ice. the priority is on the family. relatives have been arriving at the seen visibly distraught as
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they learned the news that two children and an adult male have died. >> that is so sad. new this morning, an environmental group is saying that fish is flooding the market. roughly a third of the time fish sold a grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants has been swapped for species that are cheaper overfish and risky to eat. peacoat raw>> we want to get the latest on the sequestration showdowns because we're getting a much clearer picture as far as how many people will be severely impacted by all of this. >> checking in with brianne carter. >> we know this area could be directly impacted, more than any
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other area across the country. that meeting will get underway later this afternoon to talk about just what kind of impact it could have on people every day if this goes through in just about a week. >> today lawmakers will meet to discuss the impact of sequestration on middle-class families and small businesses. at the tortoise and the hair, the owner knows the effect could be -- would -- he knows the effect it would have on his customers. >> the there will not come to town or be more frugal when they are here. take of the vast majority of the defense department will be furloughed one day per week for up to 22 weeks at the white house and congress cannot reach a deal. john townsend said it could have a major impact on tourism in our region. >>we understand the committee
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hearing expected to get underway at 2:00 this afternoon. we know it will not just be lawmakers talking about the impact, but every day people like schoolteachers. >> thank you. 6:37. 25 degrees. a new study figures out how you could spend less. >> an
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>> go ahead. >> good morning, washington. >> that will wake you up. that could be you. send us a short video of your good morning washington greeting. we may play it on the air. just make sure you end it by sam
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what they did, good morning washington. -- saying what they did. a unique type of hail storm in south carolina. researchers set off an indoor hailstorm yesterday. they spent four minutes prioto firing a hail of a house-like structure. this is part of an effort to reduce steel-related damage. -- hail-related damage. >> we are dealing with cold today. feeling like teens out there. doug hill joining us this morning. >> temperatures will stay below average for a few more days. the breeze that is really making the chill so noticeable. check out temperatures. and 20's across the area. 26 degrees in washington.
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factor in the winds out of the west, and here's what we have for you. wind chills ranging from single digits to the teens. 18 decrees now in the nation's capital. lots of sunshine today. breezy and colder. average high of 49. we will hit 40. finding out how we're doing on thursday. takeover>> definitely be the gloves. northbound 95 for about 45 minutes we and washing -- watching this crash. tow trucks are on the scene. you can still see the flashing lights and the distance. this is just before you get to the beltway. it would lose any liens, it will be a big tie up. delays out of dale city. woodbridge looking okay.
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29, columbia park lands have been reopened in maryland. traffic moving fine. back to you. >> 24 degrees. a busy news day. coming up, the very latest on news of the deadly blast in syria's capital. >> facebook will not let a woman list her real age. coming up, it doesn't have an age limit? >> this evening the concern that some metro school districts did not have the optimum technology installed
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>> you are watching abc 7 news good morning washington with cynee simpson and scott thum
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an. this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> more breaking news as two dozen people have been reported dead in syria's capital. >> at least 31 people have been killed in this blast happening just outside of damascus. you can see some of the first images coming out of the scene. all of this smoke even the fire on the scene. according to officials on the scene this happened near the russian embassy, in the explosion seemed to target a security checkpoint. the syrian state television channel reporting this as a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber in the heavily-populated area although we are waiting for confirmation from other sources for that. at least 31 people dead in the blast in syria's capital of damascus. keeping a close eye on this and
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will pass on new details as we get them. back to you. >> thank you.; a maryland senate committee will vote on appeal that could repealed the state's death penalty. martin o'malley has called on lawmakers to end capital punishment in maryland. >> he says it is a costly practice it does not do much to deter crime. it has been on hold since 2006 that the court ruled that lawmakers did not properly approved the protocols. >> of maryland house committee will hold a hearing on a bill that will increase the number of early boating bills from 48 now to 59. the legislation calls for more voting centers in the largest district that includes french georgia, and baltimore counties. the maryland general assembly will vote on the proposed transportation plan. -- the legislation calls for more voting centers in the largest district that includes prince george's county and baltimore counties.
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the new plan calls for replacing the gas tax with a 3.5 percent wholesale gas tax. also increases the sales tax from 5 to 5.3% and imposes a $100 fee on hybrid cars. >> investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly plane crash in eastern georgia. five people were killed, and two others hurt when a small plane crashed near the end of an airport runway. officials said the airport had just arrived from nashville. it was registered to a company registered in delaware. we're learning more about tuesday's deadly explosion that leveled a kansas city restaurant. hours before the blast witnesses said they spelled and gas. fire starters were sent to the scene but did not order an evacuation. -- hours before the blast witnesses say they smelled gas. a 43-year-old woman's body was
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found in the rubble. 15 people were injured. >> the louisiana senator says the u.s. and vietnam are now close to agreement ending a ban that was imposed five years ago. washington called for the ban in 2008 after an investigation revealed widespread allegations of corruption, fraud, and baby selling. she is hopeful adoptions will start in the very near future. >> facebook safety measures may actually be too strict. this 104-year-old woman says the social media site would not let her list her real age on her facebook page. she said it keeps changing the date to 1928. joseph is legally blind it cannot hear well. -- and cannot hear well. >> if you are trying to cut back
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on spending and maybe save a little money, you do not want to set up to many bank accounts. >> researchers say the easiest way is to use only a single account. a new study found consumers to make payments from a single account spent 10% less than those who have access to multiple accounts. take of the duchess of cambridge is known for read wearing -- >> the duchess of cambridge is known for rewearing some of her outfits. a fashion icon said she should recycle her outfits even more. she previously criticized the duchess for wearing heavy eyeliner and thick mascara. >> just three days away from one of the biggest night in hollywood. talking about oscars. the red carpet was rolled out on wednesday.
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it happened a few hours later than planned because of concerns about the weather. the skies remain at sunny. things eventually work out. -- teh skies remained sunny. >> we have the youngest and oldest best actress nominees competing for the same golden statute this year. she was nominated for roleher role in "beasts of the southern wild." isn't she like a woman crammed into a little girl's body? the oldest actor is to ever be nominated. she is turning 86 on sunday. she was nominated for role in "amour." tough competition. we invite you to watch our
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special coverage of the academy awards live from hollywood. arch cambell joins me live on the carpet after oscars. >> should be quite a show. >> we are getting out of the cold. >> it has been called in california. -- cold in california. >> i'm ready. >> come on doug. let's go. >> we are going to let you know about a bright, sunny day ahead. giving you a live look. rooftop camera. it is sunrise. we're up to 11 hours plus a couple of minutes of daylight. temperatures are chile. -- chilly.
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the wind chills will stay 7 degrees colder than the temperatures today. a quick look at the future cast. high-pressure providing sunshine. temperatures will climb to at least 40 degrees. clouds will roll into night and tomorrow. just on the fringes of a cold system. i think the bigger weather story for us might be the all-day rain that is a possibility for us on saturday. the forecast will call for sunny and breezy. the next seven days will show temperatures colder tomorrow as we get different effects of the snow and rain to the west. a much higher chance of rain on saturday. warm up on sunday. >> a little bit better in maryland. columbia pike road crash is gone. now we are overhead of the beltway. the left side of the screen is the volume.
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nothing in the way. we have problems in virginia persisting unfortunately. going live to the springfield camera. for almost an hour cruise dealing with this crash. 95 before the beltway. the left side block. delays at of dale city. solid. -- out of dale city. >> a good thursday morning. outrage over how airport security handled her. a three-year-old child confined to a wheelchair. agents refused to return the little girls that animal. she wouldthe family speaking out. we have it next right here. >> thank you. >> we are going to be doing a top round of the top stories. starting with john gonzales covering a tragic situation in glenarden. >> fire investigators still at
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the scene of this early morning deadly fire. it started shortly after 4:00. four people pulled out of the hon. two other people escape the burning home through a window. at this hour we have been told two children had died and the adult male also died. the cause is still unknown. >> later on capitol hill a house committee will talk about the impact of sequestration on the economy. a lot of people talking about the impact on local businesses and travel. this follows the announcement of possible furloughs, 300,000 federal workers. that meeting expected to get underway at about 2:00 this afternoon. >> nike suspended the contract for the olympic oscar pistorius. they will continue to monitor
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his situation. as we of been reporting -- have been reporting oscar pistorius is facing murder charges for his girlfriend. there's no evidence this was premeditated. >> a few things you need to know before you leave this morning. >> a powerful winter storm hitting the nation's heartland. a much of -- as much of a foot of snow expected in some parts. the university of nebraska in lincoln has canceled classes for the day. >> vice-president fight it will push for new gun control measures not far from the connecticut school willard -- where a gunman shot and killed 20 children in six adults. he will hear from members of the state delegation, federal officials, and the parents of one of the victims. >> today you could start entering the lottery for the free tickets to the white house
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easter egg roll. it is open until 10:00 on monday. >> more information on that and many other stories on our website at 6:55 right now. it is cold outside but adam's mom's cap to keep him warm. >> 26 degrees. it is cold. feels like the teens. beautiful picture of the sunrise a few days ago from my facebook friend. i appreciate you posting that beautiful picture. and i sunrise taking shape right now. what is the latest with the forecast? >> it will stay chilly throughout the day today. the the news is, ample sunshine. the things will look good. tomorrow we could see a little bit of light sleet in the
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afternoon before it changes over to light rain. a warm-up before the end of the weekend. >> before we go, this is something you think only happens in the movies but it actually did happen. money pulling in the wind. >> strangers came to the aid of a man in east china who watched the monday flight out of his hands after visiting an atm. he withdrew the equivalent of $3,200 and then lost it. those passing by were kind enough to help him collect it. the man pasted a letter on the wall of the bank thanking
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